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AIDS is widely discussed among people worldwide irrespective the, religions, races, and nations. People just talk about the danger and consequence of AIDS and how horrible it is when it is infected. Yet, there are just a handful of people who really talk about it and do research to find the cure for it. Still, the research are dominated by the western people which are definitely, based on scientific and medical view only. In the other words, it just takes logical ideas from men's minds. Thus, I choose this topic to acknowledge people the cure of AIDS in Islamic perspective.

         Most people in the world are ignorant about the absolute way to overcome AIDS. They just know the modern medicine as a remedy for AIDS where as our only Creator, Allah; has stated the remedy for it in the holy Qur'an hundred years ago. Unfortunately, no one notices that before. Thus, we as Muslims must totally make use of Qur'an in order to do scientific research generally and to find the cure of AIDS specifically.

         Furthermore, why should we let the disbelievers do research and find the remedy for AIDS? Why do not we ourselves do it since we have a guideline for it; the holy Qur'an? Hence, we must adapt every word in the Qur'an with our actions and deeds. We should not let irreligious people conduct the research and subsequently control our minds and thoughts. We must work out our brains to find the cure. We must not totally rely on the irreligious people; therefore, accept everything they say without thinking. As we all know, the results of the disbelievers' research are the secular solution for AIDS which are based on thinking only. For instance, people must use condom in sexual relationship to avoid ADS infection. Therefore, Muslims who are not well religious educated will of course approve the method where as Islam forbids its followers from committing adultery and fornication except sexual relationship with marital bond. We can see here, Islam has prevented this from an earlier stage. Hence, this is our role as Muslims to save our ummah from being influenced by the Western people.

        Last but not least, there are some questions that are commonly asked by people. What is the etiology for AIDS? Is there any cure for AIDS? This is what I am going to explain in this assignment. Insyaallah, all the questions will be answered at the end of this assignment.






When a person dies, his or her good deeds are discontinued except three things:

1)sadaqah al-jariah
2)pious children
3)beneficial knowledge





Wish of the day:

May Allah be above you to bless you; below you to support you; before you to guide you; behind you to protect you; and inside you to sustain you.
May ALLAH bless you always.







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